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Panera Bread Company in 2011- pursuing growth in a difficult economy Executive Summary Louis Kane and Ron Shaich started a bakery-café, Au Bon Pain Co., Inc. in 1981. The company grew and between the 1980’s and 1990’s became the top bakery-café operated company. Ron Shaich, along with fellow team members traveled around the country studying different fast food markets. They liked what they saw and realized that Au Bon Pain could be constructed in a way to offer an exceptional dining experience. Au Bon Pain’s Saint Louis Bread locations were changed to meet this new dining experience. They had a vision, as stated in the case, “to create a specialty café anchored by an authentic, fresh dough, artisan bakery and upscale, quick-service menu…show more content…
1). Panera’s competitors, such as McDonald’s and Starbucks so not cater. This should be something they market to the consumers more. Catering would expand the kinds of buyers (ex. 1) such as business, families, schools, which would grow Panera’s market segment rapidly. Consumer’s preferences are constantly changing in this industry (ex. 3). Offering more services, such as catering, is a way to catch the consumers interest. With a growth rate of 26 percent in 2010 for Panera’s catering proves that a new segment is being targeted. Panera needs to “reach” more consumers through advertising, commercials, and incentives. We recommend Panera starts with the “health” factor as our analysis indicates in the SWOT analysis of opportunities (ex. 10). Panera’s catering should also market incentives. If consumers have an incentive, such as first order 20% off, they would be more willing to try new restaurants. The online Panera catering website will grow the market segment because technology is rapidly growing and more and more competitors will expand to forming a internet presence. In order to meet financial objective of 15 to 20 percent we recommend taking these steps to capitalize on catering. With the help of the key success factors, driving forces, dominant economic characteristics, SWOT analysis and weighted competitive strength analysis, we provide realistic recommendations for Panera. Recommendation 2: Pursue a Strong

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