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MEASURE would be an effective tool for me to use if I was a high school counselor who was aiming to improve my school’s graduation and post secondary enrollment rates. MEASURE is an acronym for a 7-step acronym program that stands for Mission, Elements, Analyze, Stakeholder-Unite, Results/Outcome, and Educate. The reason it is an effective program is because it allows a school counseling team to target critical data elements that can be game changers toward their accountability agenda (Stone, 2016). It also allows the counseling team to organize the goals that they have and the policies they have put in place to reach those goals so that they could move the critical data in a positive direction. MEASURE also grants the school …show more content…

Critical elements of data in this case could certainly be the percentage of students who are graduating from the high school as well as the percentage of how many students are attending post-secondary institutions. The school counseling department and the leadership team of the high school in this scenario are surely not meeting the expectations of the school’s mission statement due to the percentage numbers that need improvement. Therefore, the school counselors and leadership team should work toward continuing to drive these percentage numbers into a positive direction.
The third step of Measure is titled Analyze. This is because this step requires the school counseling team to analyze all relevant data and determine what areas need improvement in efforts to seek progress in the overall objective area. In this case the critical data is the rates in which the student population is graduating high school and attending post-secondary institutions. The best way for the school counseling team to analyze the data to first compile all the data. Then they could disaggregate the data in areas such as race, gender, and SES. In doing this the school counselor would be able to look at area that needs improvement (graduation and post-secondary enrollment rate) by each group. For example, a school counselor can then find that minority groups within the school are the populations that account for the biggest drop out rate and that low SES students

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