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Yutong Ying Dr. Alexander Buzick Expos 355:101 Paper#1 Rough Draft September 18, 2015 Culture Constitutes Live As social animals, human beings find their values and senses of existence in association with others. Therefore, the process of interaction between human beings and their surrounding formed culture. Furthermore, the shaped culture for a long time makes up for people’ s cognizes and tradition. It means, different regions and countries shape different cultures that constitute normal behavior of human beings. Today, as a "melting pot", the world turns into a multicultural society. With the development of society and technology, people have more opportunity to meet others all over the world. While such kind of impact, limited…show more content…
“So although there was a psychiatric term for depression in Japan, utsubyo, what it described was a mental illness that was as chronic and devastating as schizophrema” (516). In the Japanese view, utsubyo is dangerous which would make people lose confidence to hold their job or have a normal behavior. The meaning of utsubyo is easily transferred the Japanese conception that how their culture shapes the illness experience. However, in American’s view, the Japanese have the wrong interpretation of depression but they find out that in Japan, the small percentage of doctors would prescribe the drug to the patients and also to the small percentage of patients would be interested in taking it. As Watters’ observes, “for the small percentage of the population diagnosed with a debilitating mental illness, long hospital stay were the norm,. The average stay in a mental hospital in Japan was over a year, versus just ten days in the United States” (516). Because of the different cultural cognizes, Japanese and American have different solution to deal with the mental illness. On the other hand, talk therapy is nonexistent in the Japan but normally in America. In the West, the definition of depression tends to sadness. However, the Japanese see the depression as mental pressure of their job and personal relationships. Due to this, the different cultural communities also have different attribution

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