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So there was a big group of people who settled in Great Britain in the 5th century and that group was called the Anglo-Saxons . The Anglo-Saxons negotiated with people that were from the Germanic tribes. These people also made a trip to the island from continental Europe. They had descendants, and homegrown British groups who accepted some aspects of the Anglo-Saxon way and also the language that they had (Anglo-Saxon 1). In my opinion the Anglo's were kind of vulgar and uncivil towards the Britain's because they did invade them and even went as far as taking over what was theirs like their land. Anglo-Saxons as you can see had some conflict with Great Britain. I’m also sure that Great Britain wasn't too big of fans of the Anglo-Saxon culture either. …show more content…

The country regions Germany and Denmark, were considered part of the northwestern and it was originally separated into three different groups, they were called the Angles, Saxons, and last but not least the Jutes (Epic World History 1). Even though some of the early Saxon invaders did have Celtic-influenced names, like a Cedric, was actually the founder of the house of Wessex, the Anglo-Saxons had pronounced realization of themselves as being differing from the peoples already inhabiting Britain (Epic World History 1). Their takeover led to the integration of Britain into a Germanic world. Different from the other groups like the Franks they did not, in fact, adopt the language of the conquered Celtic and roman peoples, but they did however decide to continue speaking a Germanic accent (Epic World History

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