Paper On Sex Work

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On Thursday November 16, 2017, a teenage girl and a twenty-seven-year-old man were arrested for human trafficking in Ottawa, Ontario (). The story itself does not explain the reasons why the trafficking took place for the girl or the man but there are social circumstances for every person who partakes in sex work of any kind. The decision to participate in the sex industry is influenced economically, autonomously, and by force which all implicate the individual in social stigmatization and criminalization as a result Bill C-36.
Bill C-36 was implemented by the Harper government in 2014. The bill was influenced by the Bedford case and as a result focused on criminalizing the purchasing of sex. Another influencing fact of the bill …show more content…

First of all, there is the application of the Queer theory. Historically, there are labels such as male and female that aid in depicting what sexual activity a person engages in. Sex work challenges this opinion and therefore marks the activity as queer (). No matter how much authority figures condemn it, the more sex work that takes place. Similar actions arise in terms of gender barriers. As authority figures impose social expectations for genders, the more each gender rejects the parameters. The result of the label of queer on those associated with sex work, is a social outgroup. Certain articles have explained the idea of a social outcast specifically in regards to sex work. One article explains the “dual burden of a criminal record and loss of ‘respectability’” associated with being a prostitute (). As a cause of the activities a sex worker or in this case specifically a prostitute participates in, they are criminalized and not given the respect citizens are expected to receive. Further those who partake in sex work, especially under Bill C-36 are “vulnerable to hate crimes, housing and employment discrimination, and other violations of their basic rights” that would not occur if they were what most would consider to be the average citizen (). These parameters set sex workers up to

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