Paper On Struggling With Sexual Identity Essay

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Destiny Collazo
Mrs. Bellettiere
English 10
21 November 20

Struggling With Sexual Identity
Everyone knows celebrities Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch or Queen Latifah. They are funny are they not? Most people love watching movies and programs that they are in; however, not many people know they are all homosexual. Yet why do labels only go to non celebrities? Why are non celebrities treated any differently than famous homosexuals? They are all the same and deserve the same respect as those who are not homosexual. We are all equal regardless of our sexual orientation. People should not be labeled as homosexual or heterosexual because it is a personal issue and should not be used to judge an individual’s character, morals, or integrity.
Social attitudes toward homosexuals have both negative and positive perceptions. Using the category labels homosexual and heterosexual, researchers found that heterosexual male and female participants had more negative implicit attitudes toward homosexuals relative to heterosexual (Breen). Participants have completed an Implicit Association Test (IAT) which is gay men vs. straight men which is made up of good words and bad words (Breen). In regards to positive attitudes, many things have changed over time and a rise in positive attitudes toward homosexuals has grown (Breen). “The right of gay men and lesbians to marry, one might believe that, on average, Americans hold

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