Paper Worm Lab Results

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During the paper worm lab, My group worked to solidify our lab data and detect how the worm engages with the universal solvent, water. The experiment focuses on determining whether the paper worm is straight or curvy. Personally, I believe the tightness of the worm prior to conducting the experiment affect your overall data. My data was very distinct from the others in my group because my worm seemed more compact in comparison to other individuals. The independent variable of this lab is the number of drops given by the pipette and the dependent variable of the overall length of the paper worm and the radius change, using both the rating system and just a simple determination (straight or curvy). You may alter the independent variable by for …show more content…

The largest difference was between the first and last trials (also known as the range). It wasn’t very large compared to others in my group either. My data stayed pretty static throughout the lab. It could have possibly circulated around an error or flaw. Maybe the paper straw was too condensed, heavily affecting my outcome. The comparison between the first and the last trial suggested a change in the curve of the paper worm. According to my opinionated and qualitative observations, my paper worm steadily curved. The quantitative length of my paper worm was originally ___ and amending to ___ in length. The simplest way to determine the length is to measure from the beginning point or the point farthest to the left and measure it to the point furthest to the right. I believe that to be the most effective and accurate method. The rating portion in the measurement of shape was the most precise of the two. Instead of two choices, it expands to a more complex system of determination. (central tendency) ___________. For the data set there is one best measure for central tendency because the method has no or a few errors for the specific data

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