Paradigm Shift And The Evolving Corrections Environment Assignment

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Marcia Outten-Robinson
JUS-601-Q5344 Correctional Policy/Practice 15TW5
1-2 Short Paper: Paradigm Shift and the Evolving Corrections Environment Assignment
Rewrite 4
Southern New Hampshire University
Professor Michael Murphy
July 11, 2015

This paper will try to explain how our correctional facilities use to be and what they are today.

In today’s order, our correctional facilities are nothing like they were a long time ago. Foremost, the federal, state and local governments have a monopoly over our criminal justice systems and incarceration. This includes defining crimes, apprehending and prosecuting criminals, and then deciding what to do with the convicts. During imprisonment, government control is downright. Despite variation in the means, methods, goals and dreams of the many prison reform organizations, most of them out of necessity have a big-government focus. (John Dewar Gleissner, 2012)
Still, the shift must eventually be away from heavy government and towards decentralization, local control, individual initiative, competition and evidence-based punishments in public. Why? Because that is what worked in the yesteryear. American and world history provides fully documented successful evidence-based practices, not with studies or "social science," but in the more critical world of practical application over the centuries. (John Dewar Gleissner, 2012)
A punishment used to be carried out at the local level, but over time, it became centralized.

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