Parent Families And The Single Parent Family

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Over the last twenty years, one of the most remarkable changes in family structure has been the increase in the number of single-parent families. In this type of family, one parent in the household is raising the children due to the high divorce rates and adults choosing not to marry. This is “currently the fastest growing family type in North America”. According to a research, “88 percent of these families are headed by women currently.”9 Children living in single parent households often have to contend with negative labels and unkind remarks made by many people in the community. It should be kept in mind that whether the single parent family exists as result of death of the other parent, divorce between the parents, the parent choosing…show more content…
Therefore, because of lack of education and skills the rural women cannot find high paying jobs and hence the family descends into the financial woes. Then comes the problem of house. The houses in the heart of town are always expensive to rent. The houses away from town center in the suburbs are often cheaper but then it gets difficult to find a job near the house and commute time to town center increases manifold. This also increase the cost of transport. In rural areas the wages are also less than that in the urban areas which is an added disadvantage. Single parent is therefore really hard pressed, either he or she has to find a person or day care to look after the child or has to find a job near the residence. (p.21). As a result the expense on transport and child care increase substantially. A single parent family where the mother has to look after everything, faces a barrage of problems including low wages, scarce employment opportunities, lack of financial support and high cost of living (p.21). In case where children go to school, provision of transport is also a magnanimous task. Schools do not charge for transport of kids however, in areas where school bus facility is not available and children have to be arrange transport on their own, Single parent families are at a huge loss. The parent, facing all the above mentioned problems have to cater for this
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