Parent Perspectives Children's Mobile Device Use

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Parent perspectives children’s mobile device use Introduction Media use across the decades responsively changed because of the technological improvement. While in 1930s popular media platforms were movies, print, and radio; in 1950s television was added to the list. In 1980s computers become a part of the popular media platforms (Gutnick, Robb & Kotler, 2010), and finally in 2000s easily portable mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones may assumed the leadership on this platforms. Imagine yourself while using a computer with a huge screen and buying them monstrous prices over two decades ago; nowadays, there are new generations of computers which are more slim, small and affordable than the former ones. In addition to these features, mobile devices are practical even illiterate children may navigate these products effortlessly. Moreover, visual and verbal presentations on these products make touch screen devices attractive to children. Accessibility of the mobile devices allows them to easily hold places in our houses. Gutnick and colleagues (2010) underlines the fact that cost of the mobile devices and data plans are decreased and more families intend to use mobile devices to grow up their children on a digital age. Even though children younger than eight years old do not have their own mobile devices (iphone, ipod and tablets), their parents passes their devices to children (Chiong & Shuler 2010). For this reason parent perception on using mobile devices is
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