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Parental Alienation Syndrome is defined as a syndrome where one parent (usually the custodial parent) alienates the child or children from the other parent. A child psychiatrist organized this syndrome by the name of Richard Gardner. The fact that Parental Alienation Syndrome is used in custody litigations makes it a very controversial issue. The syndrome tends to target one parent and favor the other, sometimes leaving the child in compromising situations. Also, Gardner's 'syndrome' lacks scientific background and is seen as nothing more than a theory by many other professionals. Parental Alienation Syndrome should not be considered in court custody battles, as it is nothing more than an inadequate theory.

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PAS often helps to mask child abuse allegations in court cases. As soon as a child brings any allegations to court, Gardner immediately turns to PAS and blames the other parent for brainwashing their children into making allegation against the father. He believes that ninety percent of abuse allegations in court cases are false.

With PAS being brought to a case, a child often ends up with a parent who has previously been accused or even convicted of abuse. For example, in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Jensen couple was going through a custody battle after their divorce. Mr. Jensen was listed in Utah's Child Abuse/Neglect database. He also had nine different experts testify that he did indeed have abuse problems, including his six-year old daughter's pediatrician. With all of his abuse background, Mr. Jensen should never be awarded custody of a child let alone visitations right? Well, he did. When PAS was brought into the courtroom, he targeted Mrs. Jensen and made her look like the bad person by saying she forced their daughter to make false allegations on him. With the 'help' of Gardner's PAS, an innocent child is now in full custody of her father, an abuser, with only one visit each month with her mother.

PAS has several effects on a child's psychological state of mind of a child. Being deprived of two healthy parents is definitely

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