Parenting Should Be Required In High School

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Should parenting classes be required? If you think about it that’s not really a bad idea. Right now it’s just an elective, but by the time that high school kids want it or need it it’s too late. That is a well needed life skill. Students complain about not learning anything about life when they could it’s just not required. Also if a student took a parenting class they might realize how much work it is to take care of a kid and be more careful. Which in turn would bring the teen pregnancy rate. The reasons a parenting class should be state required is because too many teens get pregnant every year, most parents have been imprisoned at least one in their life, and some kids go to foster care because the parent doesn’t know how to take care of them.

To start, there are way too many teens getting pregnant. There are about 750,000 teens every year getting pregnant. Over half of that is with teens under the age of 18. Unless 18 it is illegal to have sexual intercourse with any male or female. They still get pregnant so if laws can’t stop them from doing it. Then laws can at least help them be prepared. If parenting class would be required then the only people not getting them would be ones already in high school and the ones who haven’t …show more content…

In Jan ’12. Only for years later it climbed almost a whole other 1,000. By the time 2016 came in was at two thousand eight hundred and two. That’s just fifty eight away from another thousand. Because if you were to have an unexpected kid at a young age would you know how to take care of it. There may be a parenting class but it’s not required. So you think in your head I’m not going to need that I’m not having a kid anytime soon. They all say that though then there’s fourteen and thirteen year olds out there getting pregnant or getting someone else pregnant. Things you very well may not expect happen any

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