Parents And Children Should Not Have Vaccinations

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Some critics believe parents and children should not have vaccinations. There’s still a debate going on because the medical community does not agree. Healthcare professionals believes everyone should be vaccinated and it is very important. They believe vaccinations protect you when traveling, prevent childhood illnesses, it’s painless, and you take it once and you are protected for life (Pros and Cons, 2015). These diseases from other countries can be brought back into the United States and cause an outbreak of diseases. Other people believe vaccinations are 90%-95% effective, but there is still 5% that can still come in contact with the disease (Pros and Cons, 2015). They think it doesn’t capture the illness and immunity lasts longer if created by natural circumstances (Pros and Cons, 2015). Some schools require certain vaccinations to be taken before starting to school. Fourteen studies have been conducted by Amanda Peet, a vaccine manufacturer, and she believes there is no association between autism and vaccines. No real studies have ever been done but medical professions believe this is fake (Peet, n.d). Whether or not a parent cannot pay for vaccinations is no problem. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) distributes vaccines to state health departments and other local agencies. These agencies distribute them to private-physicians’ offices, at no charge to those receiving vaccines (Vaccines for Children, 2014). The Childhood Immunization Support Program (CISP) has
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