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Parents Leave Without They Baby Girl I was two years old. With a ponytail. I was playing with my brother who was also 2. We were playing a game of tag and I was winning because i was faster than he was. 10 minutes into the game my dad said they needed to talk to me about something very important. I walked into the living room and saw my mom, grandma, grandpa, and uncle there. I was very worried that something bad had happen so I said, “Whats going on?” in my little girl’s voices. “ Your mother and I are going to live in the United States without you, we understand you are going to be sad and that is ok, but we can’t afford for you to go with us so you would be staying with your grandparents and …show more content…

“Well I am sorry for all that. We know we will miss some of your special days and stuff but we have to go, and one day very soon you will come and join us, but you will be here with your aunts, uncles, friends, and grandparents. And I promise I would come back for to visit you very soon.” I didn’t say anything for a while. I was watching TV when my favorite cousin Zara came to see me (if you can’t tell why she is my favorite then look at our names Zara and Sara. Not only that but we have the same personality, we look alike and I just love everything about her). “ Go back your things!” Zara said in a very happy tone. “Why?” I said “Because you are spending the week with me at my house!” “ Yay!!!!!” I yelled. Then I stopped for a sec. “ Do you have my parents permission?!” “Of course I do!” I ran into my room and got my suitcase and packed everything I thought I might need and Zara helped to. After that I said goodbye to everyone that was home ( by all I mean Grandparents, parents, and housekeepers. My uncles were out playing soccer with my brother as always. And my aunts were at work and school.) An hour later we arrived at my cousin’s house. My said hi to my aunt and went with Zara to her zoom to drop off my stuff and go find “husband” ( BTW- husband is actually my uncle. He likes to call me is little wive. “Hey husband, how are you?” I asked. “Hey wive I am very happy good, thank you” he said. “So, why am I staying with you guys the whole week, you have to

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