Paris In The 1950s

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Paris in the 1950s was just like New York in the 1970s, full of crimes and depression. When a city was drunk with its chaotic vibe, it often helped to inspire the artists to think and to rebel. New York of the 1970s gave birth to the two most lively and rebellious music genres- Rap and Disco, and in the 1950s, Paris contributed to the film industry the most unique and far-reaching movement--- the French New Wave.
Speaking of the French New Wave, many people heard it through some ways, because it was one of the most important a period of time in cinema history. Though many people heard about it, not too many of them could actually understand what this vague French New Wave stands for. There was no precise definition of the French New Wave because it was merely a thought, a style, and a trend. The emergence of French New Wave was the symbol that the filmmakers dare to challenge the existence of the current cinematic system by bravely expressing their free minds and ideas. French New Wave began to appear in the late 1950s, and by the 1960s, it became a large-scale prevalent cinematic idea which steadily influenced the later-on filmmaking.
The French New Wave was first germinated in some local Parisian film clubs. Many Paris-based directors and film critics often gathered …show more content…

Many critics like Truffaut Francois, Jean-Luc Godard and Claude Chabrol praised and introduced this film trend in Cahiers du Cinema which was the one of the most significant Parisian film magazine at that time. The Parisian film clubs started absorbing those new ideas of the Neo-realism. Parisian filmmakers found that the creation of a film was not limited or obeyed to any rules and standards, but instead the creation of a film should be an expression that could reflect the director’s true emotion. That was how French New Wave was

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