Annotated Bibliography Of The Films Of Federico Fellini

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Annotated Bibliography: How do French, Italian, Japanese, and Indian arthouse-auteurist films affect the development of New Hollywood auteur films. Bondanella, P. (2002). The Films of Federico Fellini. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. The Films of Federico Fellini examines the career and work of Italy’s most revered filmmakers. By analyzing the masterpieces of Fellini, the book attempts to categorize the influence of his work, and explain some of his interests in fantasy, the irrational, and individualism. Bondanella essentially rejects more common ways of analyzing Fellini’s work and favors trying to explore the development of his unique and personal cinematic style. Bondanella highlights some of the major accomplishments in the life of the renowned Italian filmmaker. One of the most striking features of Bondanella work is his ability to tell the story of Fellini by using the works of the filmmaker. In particular, Bondanella is able to draw on a new archive of manuscripts, obtained from Fellini and his scriptwriters. This level of in-depth analysis allows researchers to get a detailed view of Fellini’s work that has inspired generations of not only Italian filmmakers, but also in the rest of the world. The author suggests that Fellini’s use of realism in film allows the audience to connect on a whole…show more content…
One one hand, we have directors claiming the work because of the creative initiatives that they had to take in order to make the films, while the production companies claim the films because they commissioned the director to make the films. This is the issue that Gerstner and Staiger try to answer, the question of who owns the rights to a film. Auteurism is the belief that the director is the sole author of a film, and that it should reflect the emotions and beliefs of the director. According to auteurism, we should see the vision of the director in the film, and thus he claims
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