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It’s about 4:00 P.M when we arrive at the park. The cold air bites against my nose as a close friend and I walk along the path. We watch as crimson leaves are dragged from their branches by the strong wind and the sky changes colors with sun as it dips below the horizon. While we walk we come across an old worn out bench. It’s covered in speckles of dried moss and the wood that makes up the bench is splintering. I pause before sitting down to read the plaque that’s nailed to the back of the bench. The gold paint that once highlighted the woman’s name has been worn away by years of serving as a backrest for tired passerbys. Fortunately it’s still clear enough for me to read. It talks of a woman who donated large amounts of many to cancer research. She passed away in 2003. Only to be remembered by a plaque on a bench, and even writing this now I’m unable to remember her name. I look away from …show more content…

In fact only the mother, child and my friend and I will know what had just happened right here. Because life keeps going on, and time stops for no man. So many things have probably happened here. Runners have fallen and sprained their ankles, dozens of kids have fallen on their bikes and scraped their knees. Couples have probably gotten together on this bench, and other couples have probably broken up on this bench. Anything could have happened here. Everything and nothing because there's no way of knowing everything that has happened here. Because humans keep going and eventually we will forget all of the little things. Just like how everyone forgot the woman who donated to cancer research, and that kid and his mom won't remember him falling in a few years. My friend and I probably won't remember eachother one day. And one day no one will remember us or anything that we did. And that’s okay, because now we can live only for

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