Part IIi- Research For Relationship Improvement Essay

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Faith Langhorn
December 14, 2016

Part III- Research for Relationship Improvement

After some soul searching, I chose the following three areas to research;
1) Stages of Development, 2) Self-Esteem and 3) Stress-reduction. I believe this research will give me the tools and the insight I need to improve my relationship with myself, my family and in particular with my father. The order of the research is very important to me, because each stage, builds on the next.

Stages of Development According to German psychoanalyst Erik Erikson psychological theory, every person must pass through a series of Eight interrelated stages over the entire lifecycle.
The Stages are as follows:
1) Infancy: Birth to 18 Months old
Basic Trust vs. Mistrust – Hope

The child develops optimism, trust, confidence and security if properly cared for and nurtured. 2) Toddler / Early Childhood years – 18 Months to 3 years
Autonomy vs. Shame – Will
Building self-esteem and autonomy, ability or inability to learn new skills and become more independent.

3) Preschooler: 3 to 5 years
Initiative vs. Guilt – Purpose
Desire to copy, take initiative and create play situation. Exploring the environment and the world. At this stage, Erikson indicated that our
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