Part Time Indian Censorship Essay

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Hi, my name is Monica Paz Solis, I am a student at Summit High School. As a student, I am writing to you concerning censorship. As a High School student, I believe that in most cases censorship is used excessively, mostly concerning books. All around the world books have been one of the most banned elements of being too uncomfortable. Censorship leaves the minds of young adults susceptible by not allowing us to create our own opinion on the issues happening in our society. Kids sooner or later will have to be exposed to certain things in their life whether parents like it or not. Being a part of growing it's unavoidable. When books are challenged the more people want to read it. Making it an attention grabber for students. When teaching a…show more content…
banning books is just another way to make kids look the other way from reality. The Absolutely True Story Of A Part-Time Indian is one of such books. Comprehending that the themes in this book can make administrations and parents uncomfortable, topics such as masturbation, alcoholism, bullying, or even child abuse… But the truth is that this happens in real life. A book that talks about real life situations should not be banned just because it makes people uncomfortable. Adults don’t want to admit that things like this actually happen, yes these are hard topics to talk about but it's no reason for parents to close us off from reality. Nothing in life is perfect there are hard things that happen, books like this remind and show people how translucent life is. The main purpose of banning books is to keep people, kids/young adults ignorant and from growing socially and mentally. Having an impending feeling of being controlled. Parents can use other methods like discretion on what they want their children to read at certain ages, it may be that The Absolutely True Story Of A Part-Time Indian is something to not be read to a six-year-old, but teens, on the other hand, should be able to choose what to read and to what be
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