Parthenon And Pantheon Research Paper

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The Parthenon and Pantheon The Parthenon and Pantheon have many similarities and differences. The Parthenon was completed in 432 B.C.E. in Athens, Greece. Pantheon was completed in 125 C.E. in Rome. The first major similarity is that the Parthenon and Pantheon were both built as temples for the gods and goddesses of their time. The Parthenon was dedicated to the goddess Athena and completed in 432 B.C.E. The Parthenon was built by Iktinos, Kalikrates. Whereas the Pantheon was dedicated to all the gods and goddesses of Rome in 126 C.E. The Pantheon was built by Aelius Hadrianus. The design and structure of both the Pantheon and the Parthenon is where we get a lot of differences with few similarities. The Parthenon was built on a rectangle…show more content…
The building became a church and was given to Pope Poniface IV in 609 AD. It was converted to a Christian church, this saved the Pantheon from being looted and destroyed like the Parthenon. Some of the Pantheon’s marble was given to the British Museum. During the Renaissance, the Pantheon became a very important burial place. Some buried here are artists Raphael and Anibale Carraccit and the musician Arcangelo Corelli. In 1832 Greece became independent and gained control of Athens. The Parthenon became a historical precinct controlled by the Greek government. In 1975 the Greek government began to restoring Parthenon and made the Committee for Conservation of the Acropolis Monuments over the Parthenon in 1983, the European Union funds the restoring.. Today the Pantheon is still used as a church. The Pantheon holds special masses for the Pope like Lent. The Pantheon has been very influential in architecture since the Renaissance. The Pantheon’s influence can still be seen in numerous buildings today. The Parthenon and Pantheon were in different times but, have many things in common. Both were built so long ago but still have a major influence on the world today. Hopefully the Parthenon and the Pantheon on around for future generations to be inspired and influenced by them as
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