Partnership In Crime

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A partnership is usually defined as an association of two or more people who join forces in order to accomplish the overall goal (Merriam-Webster). Prior to the agreement, the people that are involved must have the same vision regardless of the gender difference between them. For example, married couples who are considered to be happily in love are usually defined as partners in life or soulmates. Not all partnerships are based on conducting business or good deeds. Some partnerships could be labeled in a negative way in which it usually leads to evil acts. It can often be debated that the term partners in crime is usually defined by a group of partners who have made a negative impact on the world due by the terror of crimes that they…show more content…
It has often been debated that the world has seen some of the most vicious crimes committed by partners in crime. Many of the headlines show that the crimes that were committed were done by a male and female partnership in crime. Even though the results of the outcome don’t always turn out that way, however one thing that can’t go unmentioned is the fact that in every partnership in crime, there is always a mastermind and a follower of the mastermind behind the ideas. The mastermind is usually the creative person that designs the plan and has the vision of what the nature of the crime is going to be. Once the plan is established, the mastermind manipulates the follower and almost sells the idea and encourages the follower to execute the plan. For example, Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood” Dick’s character is portrayed as the mastermind of the scheme
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