Past Offenders Are Neglected And Vulnerable

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Past Offender Often past offenders are neglected and deemed as vulnerable needless risk, leaving a “negative effect on employers willingness to hire” (ALBRIGHT & DENQ, 1996) when being compared to law abiding citizens with no history of breaking the law. It’s assumed, previous offenders who no longer yearn the desire to participate in criminal behavior can be a great asset to troubled teens. Past offenders offer the unique personal experience of offering mentoring skills which reach beyond one’s educational knowledge and experience. Past offenders will be relied upon to develop customized plans of execution to teach mentees first hand how to avoid systematic hurdles when attempting to transition from being a delinquent to working towards obtaining goals and taking advantage of opportunities through effective planning and decision making. In juvenile justice, offenders may have alternative desires outside of traditional schooling. Often ex-offenders are interested in seeking careers such as carpenters, plumber, electricians, auto mechanics, or information technology. Opportunities which offer discretionary flexibility towards ex offenders, yet share the same opportunities as white collar employees. Community Leader Since continuous learning is essential throughout effective mentorship, the long-term collaboration with community leaders is fundamentally essential. Such community leaders consist of religious leaders, city council members, and business owners.

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