Past, Present, And Future Of Water And Wastewater

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Jaryd Anderson/Jamie Aldinger Jamie Morris NOP241 03/18/2015 Past, Present, and Future of Water and Wastewater in our World In our world today, we have made leaps in bounds in the ways we handle our water as well as our wastewater, but where did this all begin? We will analyze how throughout history we as a human species has evolved and grown when it comes to the way we handle our water and the effects it has had on our health as a species and the environment of our planet. We will then take a look at how primitive some of the world still is today when it comes to water treatment. Lastly, we will look at the future of the water supply for our world and what has been projected for our near futures. Mesopotamia in 3500 B.C was the first civilization we know of today that had some form of water system. Some structures in their civilization had storm water drain systems that were used to carry waste away from the buildings. Babylon at a similar time had constructed latrines that were connected to vertical shafts in the ground to dispose of their waste into cesspools. Moving forward in our history 1000 years to a place referred to as Lothal, we find the remains of the Harappa civilization that was located in the Indus Valley. The Harappa civilization was the first civilization to have water toilets in each house. They were linked to drains covered with clay bricks. As almost every civilization of this time, the Harappa’s were wiped out after many centuries and with them,

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