Pastor's Kid: A Short Story

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Church was boring. Or at least that was the attitude of most of our church kids. And it wasn't because it was early or the lessons were boring, but because they refused to be present. As soon as parents dropped off their kids, most of them would sneak out and go to the park or something and comeback when church is over. Now, as a PK (Pastor's Kid), I was tasked with discouraging these kids stop running from church and see the beauty of the Bible by forming a church youth group.,l So I found each teenager and encouraged them to join the group. At first, the teens were skeptical because none of them really talked to each other because they had cliques and didn't want to change that. However, I convinced them to reconsider by mentioning …show more content…

The group wasn't supposed to be a burden; it was supposed to be fun. It was my first leadership role and I failed. The day we meet with the pastor for our disbandment was a day I won't forget. Because everything changed when the tornadoes attacked. In December, Dallas got hit by a pair of tornadoes that caused an unbelievable amount of damage. We were safe at our meeting, but we learned some of our members homes were damaged by the storm. We all hated the storm. So our group reassembled for another mission. We all agreed to spend all of January fundraising and raising awareness of the Dallas' Twin-Tornado-Trauma. But this project was different from the past ones. I made them do what they do best - work in cliques! I directed a promotional video starring our dancers, auctioned off our athletes to be "labor-for-a day" contestants, and sent our fast members to wash cars race. I was shocked by the end of the month. Not because we raised two thousand dollars, but because everyone came to every event. Not only did I realize that leaders can learn from their mistakes, but I made them learn showing up is half the battle in doing anything. Now whenever I fail I don't quit or get

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