Paternity Leave : A Common Thing

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Paternity leave is something that many people do not know about because it is not a common thing in the United States. Paternity leave is not only good for the child but for the family members as well. If a father is to stay home with their child, many studies show that children will do better in academics, and will succeed later on in life. It also helps the mother to get back to work quicker and will help improve her health. As of right now companies do not have to offer paternity leave except for in three states. But, those companies do not have to pay them during their leave which forces the mothers to take paid maternity leave which just further increase stereotypes and promotes gender inequality. As for the companies that do choose to pay the fathers studies have shown that, many men do not take it because they are too afraid of the stereotypes that come with it. People must become educated on this subject because it really is an eye opener. If people actually knew the benefits of paternity leave, many would choose to take a stance on this topic and if enough people do decide to complain, it is possible that paid paternity will be offered nationwide.

In today 's day and age, we still seem to be fighting for gender equality even though we are in the year 2016 and women were considered equal in the 1920 's. As American citizens so many people talk about how women should get equal pay and how women can do what men can do, yet we often forget that men get
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