Pathos In Nick Naylor

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Nick Naylor is a lobbyist for cigarettes. He battles everyone who is anti-cigarette. Mr. Naylor runs into trouble in many different ways for defending the rights of smokers. Along the way, Nick twists some words and becomes the hot topic on TV and in Hollywood. Nick defends against many things thrown at him. Things such as a cancer boy, the Marlboro man and even the loss of his job. Nick Naylor is effective and persuasive in argumentation. Mr. Naylor does a great job displaying ethos, logos, and pathos. Each one of these appeals are important in the use of argumentation. Mr. Naylor is also effective with fallacies, and even though what he is saying might not be true, it is effective. At the beginning of the movie, Nick Naylor uses pathos. In the movie the anti tobacco people tried to make Nick Naylor the bad guy. They brought out a boy that had cancer and tried to make him look bad. Pathos specifically is trying to draw the emotion sympathy out of the audience. The audience was then given an option on who to blame. The person they chose was Nick. Effectively, Nick Naylor diverted the negative press away from him and toward the senator’s assistant. Even though Nick was being bashed by these people he maintained his stance. One thing I noticed about Nick is that he always presents himself with a smile and with a positive message. He effectively uses pathos by using positive vibes and then drawing them out from the audience. Also at the beginning of the

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