Patient Care Quality And Safety. Quality Improvement Is

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Patient Care Quality and Safety Quality improvement is defined by Kelly (2012) as “a systematic process of organization wide participation and partnership in planning and implementing continuous improvement methods to understand, meet, or exceed customer needs and expectations and improve patient outcomes” (p.477). The women’ unit can receive thirty patients from age eighteen to late adulthood. The unit is a receiving facility for everyone Baker acted in the state of Florida. Like any other organization, change is always happening in the women’s unit. One of the areas that need improvement on the unit is a reduction in the number of seclusion and restraint that we do every month. Patients that are violent and present a danger to either …show more content…

Patients that we received often wants to either harm themselves or others, and these patients are also considered violent which lead to the frequent use of restraints and seclusion. Using these methods represent a danger to not only staff but also for the patients. Many injuries occur during these confrontations. The need to minimize the use of restraints and seclusion on the unit is necessary for patients and staff safety. Organizational Knowledge The PDSA is an organized tool used to implement and evaluate the process of change within an organization. This tool helps to better organize the project by presenting a blueprint for action, how to achieve the plan and to analyze the result and to take appropriate measure to make the plan work better will be highlighted in the PDSA model (Kelly, 2012, p. 481). To introduce the project, a meeting will be held with all the employees. The problem which is how to reduce restraints and seclusion would be presented, and the plan to change this process will be shared with everyone. This author has for plan to reserve a room on the unit where patients can choose to go and do activities that they usually do at home, like watching their favorite television show, listen to radio, read, etc. This room will be called the comfort room and would be a way to remove agitated patients from unnecessary stimuli and try to offer them an alternative to calm themselves down before initiating force. The second part of the plan would be to provide

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