Patient Care, Quality Improvement, And Teamwork

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With rapidly advancing technology and the aging population, health care improvement remains at the center of providing proper patient care. However, it is imperative to ensure improvement is quality improvement, thus advancing patient care while still protecting patient safety. Quality and Safety Education in Nursing provides goals and guidelines for providing the best care. Prioritizing patient-centered care, quality improvement, and teamwork provides methods to increase patient safety, while excellent patient care can be maximized when striving to achieve cares that are safe, timely, efficient, effective, equitable, and patient-centered. Question 1: How do patient-centered care, quality improvement, and teamwork/collaboration relate to patient safety? Patient-Centered Care Patient-Centered Care proves to be one facet of increasing patient safety. With patient-centered care, patients and their families need to be the primary managers of care; they lead the way and make decisions (Whorley, 2010). Health care employees are responsible for providing the options and following through on the cares the patient chooses. Patient engagement improves patient safety because patients tend to be more invested in their care and can even help observe for adverse or unwelcome reactions. Patients’ willingness to adhere to their regimen increases if they provide input about their treatment modalities. One method for health care employees to include patients

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