Patient Identification Essay

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Assessment in relation to functional health care operations
There are serious medical mistakes happened due to improper patient identification that resulted in unnecessary administration of emergency drugs. Erroneous patient identification has accounted for unexpected life consequences, drug errors, wrong blood and radiology investigations, unnecessary hospital stays, readmissions, healthcare spending, and decreased patient survey rates. The advancement of technologies has created modern identifiers and we should embrace it to ease the healthcare delivery. In 2007 the ASTM committee developed UHID and voluntary Universal Health Care Identification (VUHID). The VUHID developed to provide accurate and improved identification with extra
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This kind of tool can comprised errors and produce savings (Nitrosi, et al., 2013). There are support in the practice, health delivery, and evaluation. The reference standards include primary standards, which cover the system interactions and inter operability. The second is foundational standards, which are building tools for standards that is used for infrastructure. Clinical and administrative domains are the messaging standards and are placed with the primary standards for the institution. The EHR profiles are for the building and maintaining the electronic records. Implementation guides are to support the records to be used together with the current standard. Rules and references are guideline and education and awareness are helpful resources for understanding the function of standards (HL7International, 2017). The HL7 interface allows the healthcare organizations to reduce costs prolonging the life and functional capacity of the systems used. This can be linked to outside systems including radiology (MedScribe, 2017). The providers and pharmacists have an important role in instituting the standards and avoiding unnecessary medication errors (Ploessl, & Norris, 2014). Identifying the technology related errors can help avoid recurrence of further errors. The improvement in the usability of EMR can be helpful for nurses in the care applications. For
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