Patient Reflection

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During the ICU rotation, there was an opportunity to interview an intubated patient, with whom I was assigned to for 2 consecutive clinical days. As per the patients and reports given by the nurse, the patient came to the emergency department complaining of right abdominal pain. Furthermore, the patient's lungs were unable to compensate making it difficult to breathe due to the patient being morbidly obese. In addition to this, the patient had a past medical history of Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension and a left atrium enlargement. Therefore, the patient was admitted intubated on 10/22/2017 and taken to the ICU, as a result of a perforated viscus ulcer.
Did you hear anything? /can you describe what you heard? When asked questions, the patient expressed not hearing various things during the intubation procedure. Specifically, the patient remembered being told about the intubation and numerous muffled voices before the procedure. After the procedure, the patient noted hearing familiar voices of the family especially the patient's mom, asking how the patient was feeling. Further, the patient also heard conversations between nurses.
Did you see anything? /can you describe what you saw? The patient saw numerous hazy faces before the procedure. However, the patient for a large time block does not recall any details during the procedure. After, being intubated the patient recalls slightly seeing "his mother" yet, due to the sedation, the

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