Patriarchy And Patriarchal Society

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“Patriarchy is a kind of society organized around certain kinds of social relationship, and ideas. As individuals, we participate in it. Paradoxically, our participation both shapes our lives and gives us the opportunity to be part of changing or perpetuating it.” (Johnson 73) Patriarchy is a way of live, we already participate in it and be affected by it without aware.
To face what patriarchy idea affects our life, ideology and activity is an important topic for us now. I live in patriarchal society, it is obviously seeing that, being a girl is taught in a different way as a boy. For me, patriarchy like a rule, which you learn when you are little, and you can’t and not allow to have questions about it. Everyone doing the same thing and be asked to be in the same shape. For example, being a man need to be strong, powerful, and required to fight. However, you should be quiet, tender to be a woman. If you don’t do this, you will be treated as a monster, wired person. People start to convince themselves that all this thing is normal, even it is not what they want to do. As Allan Johnson (P.73) writes: If a society is oppressive, then people who grow up and live in it will tend to accept, identify with and participate in it as “normal” and unremarkable life.
I feel that I am a lucky girl because I was born in a family that my parents allow me to do anything I want. I am the eldest daughter in my family and have one sister and a little brother. My father teaches me everything. I

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