Patriarchy And The Arab Society

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Patriarchy in the Arab Society Epistemologically, the term patriarchal society is a social form in which the father, or the eldest male, controls the primary authority within the family. Within such social system, the male figure has power over the children and women, and acquires control over the property and residence of the family. Moreover, males are given the privilege to dominate social and financial concerns within the family (Moghadam 1992 and Kandiyoti 1988). The concept of patriarchy is a mundane and permeated concept embodied in the Arab society. This paper will convey how the notion of patriarchy is illustrated within the Arabs customs, traditions, laws, and even religion. More importantly, this paper will argue that even …show more content…

The dependence and obedience of women spoke to the reputation of the family, and thus men found it a necessity to use their authority properly. (Moghadam 1992) Women’s conduct is considered to be interrelated to men’s reputation in many of the Arab societies. In many ways, wearing the veil is obliged on women by men because as Mandelbaum has stated, “Honour is the key good for these men, and their honour is balanced on the head’s of the women” (Mandelbaum 1988). Moreover, in his article “Gender, Sexuality, and Patriarchy in Modern Egypt”, Robert Fernea asked an immensely prominent question. He questioned the idea of patriarchy being embodied in an individual’s identity. How does it become part of one’s attitude, conviction, and thus behavior? Fernea answered with a very short, simple, yet potent answer. He stated, “It is by the relentless domination of older man” (Fernea 2003). Fernea means that the children are raised and driven to become docile and compliant to elders. Young boys looks up to their own fathers and assent the subservient stance they ought to take whilst yearning for control and authority. Furthermore, the authority that the fathers hold impacts young boys and that is quite vivid when boys at a young age tell

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