Patrick Henry And Thomas Paine : The Work Of Literature During The Revolutionary Period

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Throughout times of tension, writers tend to create works of literature that motivate people to start a movement. During the Revolutionary Period, Americans were forced to undergo unfair treatment from the British who were without hesitation taking advantage of the Colonies. However, the image of their future being put into jeopardy finally became processed through their minds when the release of some two influential work of literature were created. Due to the British authoritative rule, writers such as Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine became motivated to inspire colonists to engage in war with Great Britain by projecting the fear of slavery, belief in God and love of family. While the colonists were settling down in America, Great Britain was like a guard dog that watched vigilantly on their every move. The colonists didn’t realize this issue until soldiers from Great Britain migrated overseas just to block off ports and intimidate them. Once, Great Britain knew that they had the colonist in their grasps, they started implementing Acts. For example, the Townshend Act which imposed taxes on glass, lead, paints, paper and tea imported into the colonies as well as the Stamp act which required colonists to pay taxes on every single piece of paper that was used in the colonies. This was the tea that helped wake the colonists up and made them push or desiring liberty. This sudden rebellious behavior was the fuel that powered the Revolutionary Period and was further enhanced by the

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