Patrick Henry Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

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Leeanne N. Weeks

October 6, 2017

American Revolution Leader: Patrick Henry

“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” this quote was said by Patrick Henry in March 23, 1775.

When Patrick Henry was only 15 years old, he had a business with his father. The business they had didn’t last that long. Then he married Sarah Shelton in 1754. He also studied to be a lawyer. In 1757 he and his wife lost their farm house to a fire.

Patrick Henry is an American Revolution hero who played an important role during the Revolutionary War because he was a big leader. He was a Virginia lawyer and a politician.

He was an outspoken opponent in the stamp act and in the Townshend act by authority of England. Patrick was an amazing public speaker and a big figure of the American Revolution, he was best known for his words “Give me liberty or give me death”

Henry was selected in 1774 to assign the continental congress in Philadelphia. There he met Sam Adams and they together were excited to fire for the revolution war. During the moment henry called the colonists to come together in their position to overcome the British. The next year, henry gave his most known famous speech of his entire career. He was one of the people to represent the Virginia Convention in March 1775. The group was thinking how they are going to get things over with, with the crisis of Great Britain. He wanted everything to go buy smooth full and end with peace.

Only some short time after the first shots went off. The American

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