Summary Of Give Me Death By Patrick Henry Speech

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The speech “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” was given by Patrick Henry in 1775 at the Second Virginia Convention, when the stirrings of the American Revolution were beginning to arise. At the time, his opponents thought mostly to continue to appeal and petition to the British Crown for their entreaties, however, Henry was a proponent of raising a militia to revolt against the British due to its multiple offenses towards the colonists and delivered this speech as an argument to do so. The speech was not recorded, but this text surfaced in later years as its contents by another person, so there is some debate as to the true author of this speech. Nevertheless, the text borrows a handful of references to the Bible, and its inclusion of these references not only points to the conclusion that he and his audiences knew these allusions but also greatly enhanced the contents of the speech as a motivating and persuasive force for the American colonists to turn to his side through the usage of analogous situations, literary devices, and parallel descriptions of God to the context of the current position in the speech. The speech utilizes an analogy to create a parallel between the situation the American colonists had at that time been facing and the circumstance found in Bible. Henry uses a notable and well-known scene from the Gospels – the betrayal of Jesus – to illustrate his point. The analogy is made with the line “Suffer not yourselves to be betrayed with a kiss.” Although

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