Patterns from the Food-Shed Map Essay

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Collecting data for the food-shed map was an interesting experience because I noticed several patterns in my map. These patterns also helped me realize a few things about the production of my food. I realized that the zip code on the box was not usually an accurate representation of where my food came from the distance it traveled. Before I began collecting zip codes of where some of my food came from I expected most of the food to be from all over the country. However, I was surprised when a lot of my food came from mainly the East Coast (New York and New Jersey) as well as the West Coast (California). When the zip codes were shown on a map, I noticed that almost none of my food came from the Midwest or the surrounding areas. This was …show more content…

They stated that Barilla was an Italian company that produced pasta in both Italy and the United States depending on the product being sold. In their frequently asked questions page I realized that address of where the pasta came from was also the location of their corporate office.
I realized that the address on the package does not necessarily indicate where my food actually came from unless it was a fruit or vegetable. Processed foods might be made in a certain factory but the ingredients used to make Oreos or Kraft Mac and Cheese are not listed on the box. The zip codes on the boxes indicated how far the factory or company headquarters were located but not were the actual raw materials for the food came from. A box of chocolates from New York does not list where the cocoa beans used to make the chocolate were grown. Furthermore, the tomatoes from my marinara sauce did not necessarily grow in the area where the sauce was produced. The ingredients for the products are grown in different parts of the country/world then brought to one of the factories and then the food is created, packaged, and shipped off to stores. The labels on the boxes list the ingredients but the ingredient’s zip code because doing so would be impractical.
Moreover, I noticed that a lot of my organic food came from California most notably around the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. This could be because I listed multiple items from the same companies and because organic

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