Paul Baumer Character Analysis, All Quiet on The Western Front.

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Paul Baumer Paper World War I was one of the bloodiest wars with over 31 million deaths, wounded, and missing people. It took place from 1914- 1919 against the Allies and the Central powers. One of the greatest books that show the truth of the war is _All Quiet on the Western Front_. The main character in the novel, Paul, is a German soldier who is only19 years old when he volunteers. Paul is a hopeless, brave, caring soldier who is still trying to figure out who he is. Through out the novel Paul shows that he is a caring soldier. He shows how caring he is when Kat was shot in the leg while bringing food and Paul being the caring person risked his own life to save his goof friend Kat. This shows Paul is caring because if Paul had not …show more content…

He shows a lot of bravery throughout and he shows more bravery as the story enfolds. His braveness is showed near the end of the book when he is trying to save Kat. He is being brave at this part because by trying to save his friend he was risking his own life at the same time. When he is saving him, he says: "I jump up eager to help him, I take him up and start off at a run, a slow steady pace, so as not to

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