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Paul Revere

Paul Revere was a man of many talents, a “Jack Of All Trades” if you will. Patriot, silversmith, engraver, and republican, he was destined to be a hero. Born to parents Apollos De Rivoire, a French Huguenot, and Deborah Hitchbourn, Paul Revere came into the world on January 1, 1735 in Boston Massachusetts. Clark’s Wharf is where the Reveres resided now. The third born of eight children Revere learned early the lesson of perseverance, a lesson that would be an important in his later life, Revere would need to keep on going no mater what obstacles appeared in his way. Revere attended school in Boston where he got a sufficient education as well as in the shop with his father and the wharves of where he lived. As Revere grows …show more content…

Many were killed and brutally maimed. Revere was outraged over this, but this was the last completely unrestrained old-fashioned pope day in Boston. Times were rough now for the Reveres, with five children to support Revere is forced to take up new traded to make ends meat. He joins the sundry clubs, revolutionary in character, tries his skills in engraving and dentistry, but still does best as a silversmith. On Friday, September 30. 1768 the ships of war were sent from England, they were anchored and harbored on all sides of the town. Fighting drove on and years later a bloody battle on king street lead to an engraving done by Revere that would be remembered forever. In April of 1770, Paul Revere decided it’s time for him and his family to move from Clark’s Wharf to North Square. A farm, soon the Revere family would acquire mare, sheep, and livestock. Life was good at their new establishment but now a terror crept up again. It was May 3,1773 when Sary died, Paul was heart broken. His true love gone ,and him left to raise eight children alone. She was buried in the Old Granary. As shocking as it is Revere marries quite quickly after the sudden death of Sary. On September 23, 1773, Revere marries Rachel Walker. In November of the same year Paul takes his first ride in pride of his country. Him and five others were chosen to ride to neighboring seaports to worn that they might try to unload at their wharves. Paul

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