who shot first in lexington

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The first shots of the Revolution rang out April 19 1775 at Lexington green. Reports say the British fired first killing eight patriots. I believe these reports to be true. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this, since none of us were there, no one can be certain on who fired first. Evidence shows the British fired first. I think based on the evidence provided it was very easy to see the British were the first to fire the shot of the revolution. Paul revere was riding home with Samuel Dawes and William Prescott and noticed the British were marching toward Lexington in large numbers. He also noticed the were heavily armed and were ready to fight. He rode north through the streets of Lexington, Concord, and other various small …show more content…

Both Parker and Pitcairn ordered their men to hold fire, but a shot was fired from an unknown source. No one knows why this shot was fired but it was surmised that a nervous minuteman was frightened by the oncoming British. According to one member of Parker 's militia none of the Americans had discharged their

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