Pay for Performance Paper

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The need to improve both the quality and the safety of health care in the United States is well documented. Traditional strategies to stimulate improvement include regulation, measurement of performance and subsequent feedback, and marketplace competition. Despite limited evidence, public reporting of hospital quality data and pay for performance have emerged as two of the most widely advocated strategies for accelerating quality improvement (Lindenauer, 2007). Quality health care is very important to both physicians and patients because in essence everyone wants to be in good health in order to live a long quality life. The United States has a lot of work to do on providing its citizens with quality health care and one such innovation,…show more content…
These payment structures have led to concerns about undersupply of needed services” (Virtual Mentor, 2006). The quality of health care is directly affected by the system costs. The cost of health care has always been a major concern in the United States. With managed care systems and pay for performance approaches cost does directly affect the quality. The major questions that surround this issue is are physicians being paid fairly for their services, and are the services deserving of the costs associated with it. These questions may not be fully answered to the preference of those involved with health care. The cost of health care will always be a debatable question but in essence there needs to be some type of commission that can fairly determine cost of health care services so that all parties involved are compensated fairly. A physician takes an oath to provide quality care to their patients no matter the cost but the physician also deserves to be compensated fairly for the services they do provide. According to the AMA, “fair and ethical PFP programs are committed to improved patient care as their most important mission. Evidence-based quality of care measures, created by physicians across appropriate specialties, is the measures used in the programs” (AMA 2005). Principals of the
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