Peace Unreachable In Israel And Palestine

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Peace Unreachable in Israel and Palestine
Peace in Israel and Palestine has been unreachable for a long time. They have been fighting since the end of World War 1 when the British promise both these countries the same land. And still to this day the two countries are fighting. These two countries haven’t made peace in over 103 years so I doubt they will anytime soon.
The war between Israel and Palestine started when the British promise both of them the same land. This promise has caused many wars between Israel and Palestine making it almost impossible for them to make peace again. This promise made by the British was called “The Balfour Declaration, made in November 1917 by the British Government.”(If Americans Knew.) “The Balfour Declaration
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“But the British government’s hope was that the UN would be unable to arrive at a workable solution, and would turn Palestine back to them as a UN trusteeship.” (Primer on Palestine, Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict) Although The United Nations decided it was best for them to voted to partition Palestine into separate Palestinian and Jewish states. “The partition plan called for two states roughly equal in size, but the border looked like a jigsaw puzzle.” (Crash Course, John Green) This partition did not work out very well. Shortly after the plan was announced the Arab-Israeli War broke out. Israel was on one side and the Palestinians and many Arab states on the other. Israel won this war and “they received a third more land than they would have under the UN’s deal.” (Crash Course, John Green.) The UN had tried to make peace between these two countries, but there plans did not…show more content…
These wars have been going on since the British made the promise to the two groups. Although some of these war are major wars for example, the six day war which was a war that lasted six days. In this war Israel won and gained control over the West Banks, the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula, and the Golan Heights. “By 1967 Israel controlled all of Palestine.” (Crash Course, John Green) By the late 1980s Palestine Launched its first intifada. This began with boycotts of Israeli products and services and refusing to pay Israeli taxes. These boycotts also caused the “the first suicide bombing against Israel in 1993.” (Course Hero's) Another example of a major war that made it hard for the two countries to make peace again happened on March 11, 1978. Nearly a dozen armed Palestinian terrorists landed their boats near a major coastal road in Israel. There they hijacked a bus and sprayed gunfire inside and at passing vehicles, killing thirty-seven civilians. All of these wars have made it hard for the two countries to make peace, even mosts of the Palestinians don’t believe there will be peace any time soon. This can be proven by a quote found on “The expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank has led the majority of Palestinians to believe that Israel is not committed to reaching an agreement, but rather to a pursuit of
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