Unforgettable Moment Of Life Essay

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One day, a person thinking about nothing, chilling and live the life.
At night, there was a group of people sitting in the backyard drinking tea and eating some snacks. Their kids were playing in the street and that person was one of them. Everyone has a fun time. Spending unforgettable moments with family. They have a simple pour life. Having a general and busy life because of school, work and others. The person usually doesn’t feel worried because they got their family support and true love. Love that makes them do anything for each other. Also, if a person got into a problem, they all stand to help. But one day this all gone, this person has nothing. No family… no brother… no sister… no relatives… and most …show more content…

In 1948 the war started between Palestine and Israeli. Palestinians are fighting for their land and Israeli occupation are trying to take over their land. In that time, half of Palestinian population moved to other countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, USA, Syria, Kuwait, and many other countries. Since that time no one saw peace in Palestine. Every year, there is a couple of weeks that Israeli keep shooting and killing them and most likely during the celebration events, which it turns to funerals instead of happiness. Did Palestinian stop and give up their land… of course not they fought hardly and still fighting with hope that one day they will get their land.

To continue, there is many consequenses that lead the kids lose their mothers, and fathers. Also, soldiers put some parents in a prison for a long time so they will not fight against them. There are a lot of people who raised up without their family. There are people who graduated while their fathers are captives. And the students who graduated in spite of what happening because they would not be able to see their family. They moved to other places but the world didn’t welcome them, now they don’t have a citizenship or papers that proof them so they can’t own a house, buy car, and others. Even the world did not help them to share their successful, or to cheer them up because they can’t work as others. For example, Palestinian doctors can’t work in a hospital in Lebanon so basically all the

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