Peace With Conquest Analysis

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What: In this document/phone call, Lyndon B. Johnson orders some new “light weight” clothes from maker, Joe Hagger. Johnson gives Hagger specific information as to the size and color of his new clothing, while also using being very straightforward with his choice language, a trait Lyndon seems to be remembered by. Today, one may view this audio recording as a sort of comedy. Who: There are two people involved in this phone call. One being, President Lyndon Jonhson, and the other is Joe Hagger, the clothing maker. Johnson mentions Hagger’s father, who is also in the clothing business. Johnson also mentions mention “this boy,” I am assuming it is his assistant. When: This phone call took place on August 9, 1964. Since there is no other…show more content…
It also makes being President lose any mystique about what its like, and people involved in government. This source was generated because the President needed new slacks! Document #4 What: This source is a Speech titled “Peace with Conquest” and was given to the Student body and faculty at Johns Hopkins University by President Lyndon Johnson. In this Address, Johnson talks about the current ongoing War with Vietnam. He details the Nature of the War, the reasons for being in South Vietnams, our objectives, the effort for development, and his dream of world order. Who: The people involved in this source are, President Johnson, Johns Hopkins University, Senator Tydings, members of the congressional delegation, Vietnam, communist China, Russia, Dr. Eisenhower and Mr. Granland. He also mentions Pennsylvania and the pervious battles fought there. When: This speech was given on April 7, 1965. There are many internal references, such as the revolutionary war, the begging of our support in South Vietnam in 1954. Johnson also states that in 1961 he conferred that Viet-Nam is connected with the works of communist. Although not stated, the Vietnam war ended on April 30, 1975, about ten years after this
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