Peaceful Protests In America

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We live in a society where change in present. More and more people are expressing their views, even if it is at the cost of their own dignity. Even more recently so, Donald Trump has been elected into office, and there have been both peaceful and not so peaceful protest. But in my own honest opinion, I think peaceful protests are in vein and do not do anything. Therefore, peaceful protests are negative towards a free society.

For example, look at Black Lives Matter. What ignited this? It was the racism in America and a complaining against the black lives taken in america. What did this do? It divided our country even more and even erupted hate groups.

Look at the protests for and against abortion. It divided our country even more that in
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Will I get along with even single person I encounter based on my point of view and my ideals? No I will not. This is okay, as long as I am not hostile about it. But humans are hostile.

Back when Martin Luther King Junior ran the Black Lives Matter movement, the protesters on the other side were not peaceful. It took the lives of many brave and amazing black lives in order for racism to be destructed in America. I am convinced that if you want something to get done truly in America, protests cannot be the only thing to be done.

"Peaceful Protests" happen in our everyday lives. A big one that happens every single day, every hour, every minute, and every second, is the Republican verses the Democratic party. It is okay to have an opinion. But it is not okay to lose your mind. It seems like people now of days just want to be right and have their way. People will lose logic when when they are right or when they are wrong.

So how do we change all this? How do we overcome each other's diversities and differences. It starts in the homes of America. We need to learn not to hate each other. We need to learn to love one another regardless. We need to learn to respect each other. And as long as what the other person is doing does not hurt me as an individual, I will let them
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