Pearl Harbor : A Day For The United States

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December 7th 1941 is a sad day for the United States. That is the day that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The attack began early in the morning and it was definitely unexpected, the soldiers that were present hardly had any time to react. It was a sad day because of the amount of men killed, there were over 2000 American casualties and over 1000 wounded. Families were destroyed and changed forever.
The date of Pearl Harbor is also a memorable day. The reason that it is a memorable day is because of the fact that the United States decided to enter into World War II because of the devastating effects of Pearl Harbor. The very next day, December 8th 1941 Franklin D. Roosevelt and the United States officially declared war on …show more content…

He really didn’t know what to do. As he was looking for a place to hide, he can see a Japanese plane coming from the south to the north on the west side of Ford Island. “They were flying slowly enough I can actually see the goggles on the rear gunners helmet as he started shooting at us.” As bullets were flying and concrete pieces flying around as well he hid under this tractor to protect himself from all the dangers around him. As he was hidden under the tractor he notices that some of his ship mates have picked up .45 caliber pistols that have been used for watch the night before and started shooting at the Japanese planes. “I discovered that there is an emotion much stronger than fear, and that is shame.” He said he started to feel so ashamed of himself, he knew that he had been trained as a gunner, but yet he was hiding instead of helping his shipmates. He finally built up enough courage to go help out, he said the Lord helped him. He left his hiding place and went into the armory where the machine guns were stored, by that time there were others that had gathered. They rounded up machine guns and mounted them on American planes that were parked on the ground. The last gun that he put in was the gun that he stayed on the rest of the attack. “I think that everyone has at least a little coward in him, it’s not until you get over that, things will happen.” He said he praises

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