Pearl Harbor Dbq Analysis

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Have you ever felt threatened by the one you once called a friend? American’s know this feeling all too well. In 1919, the major world powers met to deal with the wreckage that had occurred in World War 1, among those present were Japan and the United States. Japan was unhappy about how Great Britain and The United States punished Germany, the Japanese saw it as they were trying to stick to the status quo and to not cause a commotion within the League of Nations. The Japanese attacked the United States’ largest naval base located off the coast of Hawaii, beforehand it was stationed in California, on a Sunday Morning at 7:55 am. On December 8th, 1941, one day after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States declared war upon Japan. Franklin …show more content…

Over the span of a few decades, the Japanese and Americans were as is, heading towards war due to a varying amount of disputing between the two. In the 1930’s, Japan invaded China. This caused an uproar between the two countries at the time. This was one of the first few sparks to the flame. In order to create the perfect Yamato race, the Japanese felt that there was more validity if there were no one to stop them, (Document A). Destroying the Pacific fleet was the goal so they could expand and imperialize the world around them. America, being one of their main oil producers, made them the perfect target. Leading up to the attack, America placed an embargo on Japan, (Document C). Japan wanted to destroy the Pacific Fleet to gain oil and continue imperialization to obtain the perfect Yamato …show more content…

The emperor of Japan, Hirohito, compared American to “a sleeping giant,” at the time, Japan’s leader had known, that if the attack had failed, it was inevitable there would be harsh consequences. Japan wanted to created a new world order, Japan felt that it was too late to bring their troops home from the countries they were attempting to imperialize, (Document E). “We must by all means get satisfactory results,” Hirohito stated in a closed meeting of Japan's top government and military officials on November 5th, 1941. It was long before the war that Japan had gone off grid, in 1932, Japan had created a puppet state in Manchuria, (Document B). This made it so Japan would control the affairs of a country outside of their own. “Japan is the fountain source of the Yamato race, Manchukuo its reservoir, and East Asia is its paddy field,” (Document A). This quotation is from the Japanese MInistry of Education. It states that Japan is slowly extending its outreaches of the world. Japan had decided they wanted to rule all territories to create the “new

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