Pecola Identity

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Desperation for something so out of reach can drive a person mad. Pecola in "The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison, has an identity crisis. She strives to have blue eyes. In a world where black, usually brown-eyed people are seen as a lesser being than the blue-eyed blonde, white, counterparts, Pecola is at a disadvantage. Not only within society but with her family and school life. Pecola has to deal with a violent, loveless home, living with her rapist father. Then she has to go to a school where she is constantly abused and mistreated. Pecola sees blue eyes as a saving grace. That just maybe her life wouldn't be so bad. Referring to Thomas Foster "How to read literature like a professor", Pecola's see blue eyes as her prince charming, her…show more content…
The contrast between the fire that Cholly tries to set ablaze and the ocean eyes Pecola wishes to have is evident. Her dad trying to burn their house down symbolizes him trying to squash the dreams of blue eyes Pecola starts to have soon after this incident. Cholly, not only wants to vandalize their house and the dreams of Pecola. But, he also manages to vandalize and damages Pecola when he rapes her twice in the second Act. Once when she was trying to wash dishes and once more while she was laying on the couch. The symbolism here shows when Pecola is washing the dishes. The water from the tap is her thoughts about rebirth and becoming a new person, cleansed of any bad, with pure, blue, eyes. This is once again squashed by Cholly as he rapes her, taking her innocence, her childhood, and damaging the one thing that was her own and that she could control: her virginity. Later on, when Pecola's mother, Pauline, doesn't believe her when she tells her about the rape, furthermore proving the dysfunctional and unloving environment Pecola has to trudge through. After the rape incident, as introduced in Act three, Pecola spends her days talking to her reflection in the mirror, going through the garbage, and flailing her arms around, as if wishing they were wings so that she may fly out of that damaged
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