Peculiar Circumstances During the Baroque Era

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One of the most important eras in the history of classical music, was undoubtedly the Baroque Era. This period lasted from 1650 to 1750, and largely stemmed from the musical innovations of both Italy and Germany. Through this era, the arrangements such as the concerto and the sonata were produced, as well as mastery of the organ and other instruments. Two of perhaps the most influential artists of this era were Arcangelo Corelli and George Fridric Handel.
Before discussing the styles and techniques that emerged and were reformed during the Baroque Period of music, first the cultural background must be discussed. The Baroque Period of Music lasted from 1650 to 1750, and really was heavily influenced by two particular countries: Italy and Germany (Sartorius). In Italy, architecture and the layout of the city of Rome had been completely revived because of the Renaissance period, and this new innovation in architecture inspired music (Sartorius). Musicians aspired to experiment with music, and try new innovations to make their compositions sound fresh and original (Sartorius). Meanwhile, up in Germany, composers were desperate to get in the various courts of royalty that existed at that time, due to the fact that Germany was broken up into many states (Sartorius). If composers could become the court musicians for nobility, it could insure great fame, job security, and profits (Sartorius). Thus, the Baroque period of Music was inspired by architectural advancement in Italy, and

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