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Protecting Your Child's Healthy Teeth And Beautiful Smile: Pediatric Dental Tips For Parents

As a parent, you have a lot to worry about and your child's teeth are no exception. From the first bout with teething to accidents on the baseball field that knock out a precious tooth, you need to know how to handle the different situations you're going to be faced with. The following guide will help you protect your child's teeth and preserve their beautiful smile.

When To First Bring Your Child To A Pediatric Dentist

Experts recommend that your child first be seen by the age of one or within a few months (up to six) of their first tooth coming in. Since teeth begin to erupt at different times for different kids, there's no set age to start; however, …show more content…

If the tooth becomes discolored, you'll need to contact your pediatric dentist. Otherwise, your own comforting should be all your child needs.

3. A Dental Avulsion

In the event a tooth is knocked out of its proper place in the gums, it's refereed to as a dental avulsion and this type of accident requires fast professional intervention by a dentist. If the tooth is permanent, your child's dentist will attempt to re-implant it. Bring the tooth and child in as quickly as you can schedule an appointment, keeping the tooth in water on the way.

4. Tooth Displacement

A displaced tooth will remain attached at the gum, but be otherwise distorted and out of place in other ways. These kinds of injuries can also result in fractures of the jaw, mandating immediate examination. Depending on the force involved in the incident and the potential trauma involved, you're likely better off going straight to the emergency room, then following their advice about following up soon thereafter with a stop at the dentist's …show more content…

In such cases, it's important to stress the value of having a professional take care of their teeth and how much better off they'll be in the long run. If your child is younger and not so easily persuaded by logic, try offering them a reward in exchange for their cooperation.

It may also be helpful to take your child to the furniture section of your favorite home goods store and let them "practice" climbing into large recliners. These types of chairs are very similar (especially from a shorter person's perspective) to the one your child will occupy at the dentist. This exercise will build familiarity and self-confidence, making it easier for them to take a seat in the "real" chair next time they have an appointment.

Additionally, your dentist's office can help your child to overcome possible fears, by offering them extra TLC upon arrival, thus, it's essential that you inform the office about the apprehension your child is

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