Pediatric Lupus Essay

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Today, the Lupus Foundation of America announced the new research grants awarded to fund critical areas of research where gaps in the understanding and knowledge of lupus including; pediatric lupus, cutaneous (skin) lupus, mid-to-late stage translational research, adult stem cells, and neuropsychiatric lupus, which affects the brain and nervous system. The LFA National Research Program; Bringing Down the Barriers, Is committed to accelerating the pace of medical discovery in lupus and directing support toward promising areas of study where other public and private organizations have not focused their efforts. Several studies this year focus on areas of pediatric lupus research, including lupus nephritis in children, quality of life, and …show more content…

More than half (63) percent of respondents with lupus quit working or retired earlier than planned, about two-thirds (67 percent) reduced the number hours worked. And 51 percent of patients changed to a less strenuous job. Lupus can occur at any age, but appears mostly in young people aged 15 to 44-prime working years. Inability to work seems to weigh heavily on patients, emotionally and financially. For example, 82 percent of patients reported that not working makes they feel they are not contributing their fair share to the household, and 83 percent found it devastating to leave their jobs due to lupus. Many people with lupus say the disease impacts their productivity and has an undesirable effect on the Relationships with co-workers. In facts: 72 percent of patients admit they are not as productive as they could be at work as direct result of lupus. Approximately 80 of lupus patients say that their condition has caused them to take more sick days. 59 percent of lupus patients surveyed say they that other people think that lupus affects their reliability and dependability. About two-third (69 percent) of patients say they only tell a few co-workers about having lupus. It is important to reinvent yourself in meaningful ways when a chronic illness limit your original life

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